Singing - Support in Vienna - Voice Research

If you are looking for your own unique sound and want to experience more of yourself through your voice, I would love to support you through my experience and technic. My way of work with the voice is based on believe that voice is our most powerfull tool of expression. Singing is the most natural way of dealing with emotions and taking contact from inside to the outside world. Today often we loose the connection to our voice because we have to high expectation about how our voice should sound or because of other, personal reasons.

I've lost my voice in my puberty and redescovered it 7 years ago through an archaic singing technic called in Poland "White Voice " or "scream-singing". This technic enable to be very extravert and intimate in the same time while singing. It's based on screaming voice and can be a vehicle to transport very strong emotions. The singer is using many different body-resonators but especially the frontal-cranial resonators, which creates a special bright sound. White voice-Method is not following any estetic rules, every person has her/his own sound as every body is built differently.

I would like to support you in your voice research individually. Depending on your needs, we can work with:

-archaic songs

-your favourite songs

-movement and body exercises

-voice exercises

-accompany voice through different kind of instruments

-voice improvisation

-singing in the nature and with the nature

-theoretical basics of music: intervals, triads...

I'm musician, philologist and student of music and movement education.